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We present XMAS AT MAWUSE CARE CENTER, the title for this year’s Christmas celebration, a celebration done annually since we discovered the Care Center in the year 2016. The date is perked at 26th to 27th of December, 2019 on the theme: DEFINING HUMANITY THROUGH RELATIONSHIP AND CARE.

Mawuse Care Center is a home for more than two hundred (200) vulnerable children between ages two (2) and eighteen (18) located at Akuse(Natriku) in the Eastern Region of Ghana. As a center that houses children without constant helpers, faces numerous challenge for which we try to be a solution to the little we can.

Although the care center has not been the only place we extend our philanthropy to, for the past three years, the NGO in a day during the Christmas season, visit to make some donations and dine with the kids. But this year, we are going to share some bond with the kids which will make them feel part of the society by not repeating our aforesaid routine but rather have a list of exciting programs unfold within two days as we spend an unforgettable night with them together with people from United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

The celebration encompasses;

⭐A lunch with the kids

⭐Health screening

⭐Skill training for children above 10 years in drink, liquid soap and shampoo making


⭐A night of presentations, storytelling, art and dinner.

⭐Donation of items 

The above activities are meant to communicate, motivate and most importantly, strengthen the bond we have established with them over the years as family, parents and friends.

Kindly send us a message to support and also join this program. Thank you

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