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DSF is a non-governmental organization founded by few friends with the passion to assist orphans, street children and people with disabilities. With our passion to help the less privileged. We therefore support orphanage homes and related bodies which are found in our communities especially the rural areas and the country at large to improve and upgrade their facilities. This is to ensure our brothers and sisters who find themselves in such unconducive state to have some comfort and hope to walk into their dreams.

We believe that when issues concerning the less privileged are confronted and taken care of at the community level, it transcends and reflects in the national outlook. Also, not losing a sight of the fact that, these people form part of our country’s future and have a role to play as well and therefore, makes it crucial to support and make their lives meaningful. We support the training programs that will equip them with skills and knowledge to make them useful in the communities or wherever they may find themselves.

Dream Shapers Foundation is to empower children with special educational needs to sustain and promote quality education in deprived communities. We plan to raise enough funds to renovate school structures, distribute free books, stationery and educative materials for the underprivileged children in the rural communities. Also, to do free health screening in the communities including malaria RDT, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, body mass index, eye test and free consultation on various disease conditions. All the above cannot be achieved without our help and support. 


• To contribute to national development by renovating school structures to enhance teaching and learning in deprived communities.

• To raise funds as a means for providing food and medical assistance to the people with serious medical conditions in deprived communities.

• To encourage and promote adequate quality of service delivery, care and support to underprivileged children in deprived communities in Ghana.

• To build the capacity of underprivileged children in deprived communities.

• To raise awareness on the rights of the child education in deprived communities.

• To build partnership with cooperate bodies both in Ghana and international 


Promoting and sustaining quality education and reaching out to orphans, street children and persons with disabilities in both deprived rural communities in the nation Ghana and beyond.


Empowering child Education mostly in
rural areas in Ghana and beyond.

Dream Shapers Foundation
P.O.Box OS 1459
3rd Mission Street, Osu.